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When you buy in bulk or immensely, you definitely desired to freeze small portions for meal prep or hunt .Vacuum sealer machine is a worth for it ! It turned your delicious food either it's cooked or a raw one, to stale as quickly as it would in a non-airtight container. And helps prevent freezer burn, which ultimately changes the taste and texture of your delicious food items.


This worth buying meidong vacuum sealer machine works as a multi - functional machine that has a dual nature to maintain your food quality and taste .it's amalgum of not just sealing your food into a good quality bags but allow it to keep its taste and freshness long lasting. We can provide the best preservation effect for your food according to the different types of food.

How it works?

The vacuum sealer machine works by removing air from the space around your food and then uses a heated seal bar to fuse the sides of a bag together, preventing it from leaking back into the bag. Its unique functions allow to stale food item quickly in contrast to the other random non-airtight containers.


  • Light weight

  • Easy to use

  • Value for money

  • Suction power

Some few things you may not know:

- This machine is a compact design and best part is that due to its compact size it fits and utilize the less space of your kitchen and its light weight allow your fragile hands to grab it easily when needed.

- Inside the machine are the cutter and canister pipe. [If in case it's missing than better contact us]

- If most often you use machine for moist food than better wipe the liquid inside the machine for its lengthening work life.

Best compact design vacuum sealer machine. Buy now!


One press operation:

VACUUM YOUR FOOD by long pressing a "pulse key”.

- Stop it by stopping a press key, once you want to stop vacuum.

- Then press "seal key” in order to seal the delicious food.

- It's Exhaust system is extremely powerful so you could manual control the vacuum effect according to your choice/need.

Stale your food items:

In order to dry or staling  food items press the "DRY  button "and your machine will automatically turned to dry mode and will quickly stale the food by keeping it's tastes and freshness remain  same and long lasting .

Moist food :

Once you press a moist button. Your machine will automatically turned to moist food mode, vacuum exhaust and keep the meat fresh and also prevent the freezer burn and corruption without turning its taste and freshness.

Sous Vide operations :

Meidong food vacuum sealer is a best one to cooked food by Sous Vide operations. And it prevents to lose its original appearances and excess among of nutrients with better freshness, taste and texture.


Brand: Meidong

Material: stainless steel, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

Colour: Black

Item dimensions:        (L.W.H)             14.96 ×7.48×4.72 inches                                     

Item weight:  1 kilogram

Best vacuum sealer for food :

Meidong brand gives you the best opportunity in terms of its quality. Spend your money wisely by buying a vacuum sealer from amazon.

Product Description:

Product dimensions: 14.96×7.48x4.72 inches

- Weight: 2.2 ponds

- Manufacturer: MEIDONG

- ASIN:  B08GLC64T5

- Item model no: Meidong vacuum sealer machine.


- Wattage: 110 watts

- Voltage:  110 volts


▪ Dry / Stale /Moist mode

▪ Short / long vacuum time

▪ Manual / automatic control

▪ Canister vacuum

▪ Can easily cope with Fragile/moist/Dry/Soft/Sous Vide Food.


- If you use this vacuum sealer machine occasionally than better make sure not to close the lid tightly in order to prevent the losing elastic effect of sealing lid if kept tightly for longer time.

- The two rubbers lid are obliterable so it can be easily removed and stand for a period of time to retain its elastic effect.

- Can be easily fit back by following the shape of groove without use of glue.

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