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33 Tips on How to Improve Your Smartphone Battery Life

29 Nov 2022 By Admin .

As the Smartphones are getting technological advancements with higher specs constantly, so do their batteries and charging technologies. But still smartphone battery hardly gives one full day on its extensive use. The manufacturers are desperately trying to enhance the battery performance, while tweaking charging capabilities; but they are yet to overcome these drawbacks.

I have researched a lot from various resources from the top industry experts, to form a comprehensive list of easy to implement guidelines, on how you can improve your Smartphone battery life (time taken till the battery lasts after charging it) and extend its lifespan (number of charge/discharge cycles, after which the battery completely lost its efficiency).

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For the ease of reading, I have written them point-wise:

1. There is a myth that “let the battery drain to 0%, and then charge up to 100% to improve battery’s lifespan”; which is not true. In fact it is vice versa. Draining the battery to 0% and then charging it to 100% impact negatively on the smartphone batteries.

2. It is good to partially charge mobile when it is 20 - 30%, and remove charging when it is around 70 - 80%.

3. Do not charge several times in the same day. Let the battery come to around 20%, then charge. Similarly you do not need to charge up to 100% every time. 70% - 80% charging is good enough.

4. Don’t charge overnight, although current smart chargers automatically stops when charging is full, but it is not a good practice.

5. Do not play games or use mobile while charging.

6. When Phone gets overheat, battery life decreases, and malfunctions.

7. It is best to power off during charging. But the more realistic way is to keep the usage to a minimum, better not using it at all during the charging.

8. If you want to store your phone for a longer duration time, then charge it to around 50% and power off to store it. The battery discharge slightly over the period of time, even if the phone if turned off. So, charge the phone up to 50% after every few weeks or months.

9. Do not use third party chargers. Try to use original cable and chargers that are recommended by the phone’s manufacturer.

10. Try not to use fast charging, unless necessary, as it is not good for the lifespan of the battery.

11. Don’t charge your phone during thunderstorm or fluctuation.

12. Remove protective back cover while charging.

13. Don’t charge near very hot or very cold.

14. Try to keep your phone away from direct sunlight, especially on car’s dashboard or near windows.

15. Don’t use Battery saving apps. They consume mobile battery by engaging background resources. Instead use built-in power saving mode when you have less charging left and can’t charge for few hours.

16. Similarly, don’t use process cleaning or memory boosting apps. They also use mobile resources. Instead manually close the apps which you will not be using for few hours, especially before going to bed. To do this، press and hold the home button, your will see all the opened/running apps, then press and swap right the app you want to close it, or press “Remove All” or “Clear All” to close all the apps altogether.

17. Turnoff app notifications from app settings, according to your priority.

18. Power off and on your phone once a week.

19. Smartphone display takes maximum Battery. So keep your brightness to minimal.

20. Lower the Screen timeout time to 15, 20 Seconds.

21. Remove adaptive or auto brightness, and set it to manually. You can increase the brightness when using outside in daytime and adjust accordingly indoor to save battery.

22. Avoid animated live wallpapers and screen savers. If you have OLED or AMOLED display, then Dark Mode/Theme with plain black wallpaper will be great for the battery.

23. Home screen widgets uses phone resources including battery, so avoid widgets unless necessary.

24. If your screen's refresh rate is 90Hz or more, then set it to 60Hz when you don’t need higher refresh rate. You won’t feel any difference in normal use whether it is 120Hz or 60Hz.

25. Uninstall the app which you don’t use, or use very rarely like once in 4-5 month.

26. Facebook, Uber and many other apps consumes lots of battery. Either don’t use them or use the lite versions of these types of apps like, Facebook Lite and Uber Lite, etc.

27. Turn off your GPS, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, until you actually need them.

28. Limit your auto updates of apps, by selecting do not auto-update (you can update manually at your convenient time) and auto update on Wi-Fi only. This will save your battery as well as save you from getting data charges.

29. Switch to Airplane mode when there are no signals, or you are not using cellular services.

30. Watching videos drain battery very quickly. Disable auto play video features from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

31. Restrict Background data for all except essential apps. Like you can restrict games, Facebook and other social media apps from running in the background. But if some apps are necessary, you can enable those selected apps, like WhatsApp, Emails, etc.

32. Close all extra sounds and vibrations, like touch, key press, screen on and off sound, etc.

33. Disable Voice Assistants programs like SIRI, Bixby and Google Assistant from actively running and listening, as they use a fair amount of battery in the background.

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Bonus Tip: If you have tried everything, but don't see any improvement in battery life, then there must be probably 1 or 2 power hungry apps that are draining your battery. You can check how much power each app is using by going to battery settings, and remove/disable those apps.

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