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Dual-Solar Switchback Power Bank is an Incredible Device

29 Aug 2022 By Admin .

What are the Power banks?

A Power Bank is a portable charger designed to recharge your electronic devices when you’re on the move. Ranging in size from slim, pocket-sized devices up to larger with higher-capacity. They are used to charge smartphones, tablets etc. They are great for charging mobile phones when you don’t have electricity. These power banks are good for other USB-charged devices such as Cameras, GPS systems, Gaming Devices, Laptops, MP3 players, mobiles and tablets.

What are the Solar Power Banks?

Power Banks are the portable devices use to charge mobiles and other gadgets when there is no electricity available. However, solar power banks use solar energy to produce electricity. They simply get charged by the exposure to sunlight. In this way, they save the electricity and cheap to maintain by the users.

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Dual Solar Power Banks

Dual ports power banks are those who have two ports available to charge two devices at a time or to charge a single device more than once.

ToughTested Dual Solar Power Banks

This universal solar charger may become your faithful companion on your holiday trips as it has an enormous battery capacity of 10000mAh, two USB charging outputs and LED flashlight. You can recharge your mobile phone and tablet at the same time with your cables.

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ToughTested Solar Switchback Power Bank:

External Looks:

- It’s a smart looking device, easy to carry anywhere.

- It’s Rubber coating looks good and feels good as well.

- It has 4 external LED lights, best to use at night.

- It has a locking clip to attach to your backpack.


It provides charging as fast as wall mounted chargers can do because of the following features:

- It has 10000mAh in built battery.

- Includes USB-C Fast Charge cable.

- IP65 weatherproof rating.

- Charges your device upto 6 times more powerful.

- Provides fast charging to iPhone, Samsung Galaxy note, Google pixel and more.

- It has 18-LED light panel with high, low, flashing, SOS, and red flashing settings.

- Short-circuit, overcurrent and over voltage protection ensures that it charges safely every time.

Waterproof Solar Battery Bank

IP44 Waterproof Rugged Power Bank is the best to bring along on long holiday trips, hiking, mountain climbing etc. It has long lasting battery and it’s waterproof quality makes it easier to get your devices charged even in raw weather conditions. It’s waterproof quality gives protection from elements like heavy rain or dust.

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User Reviews

Before purchasing you can check the reviews submitted on Amazon by the users which are satisfied by the product. Some of the reviews are given below:

- Giving it 5 stars, because of its functioning and packaging.

- It did what it says, charges fast and holds a lot of charge for multiple recharges.

- This one is sweet because you can  just leave it in some sunlight to make sure it doesn’t drain over time. I usually leave this in my car and take it when I need it.

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