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Everything You Need to Know About Pickaroon

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Those in the woodworking field must know about a tool known as a Pickaroon, as this is a well-known and common tool that is more than adequately understood. 

The requirement to move wooden logs from the forest to the factory site in the late twentieth century before the use of heavy machinery resulted in the introduction of many specialized and advanced tools like Pickaroon and hook room. 

So for your ease, I have gathered the differences between the two in a well-organized manner in the blog Pickaroon. 

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Hookaroon VS Pickaroon

Similar to pickaroon, there is one more tool called hook aroon, so many carpenters in this profession also use it. However, those who are not in this field and do not have any experience in the woodworking community are unaware of the differences between the two. 

The difficulty in understanding the contrast between the two is due to the same purpose both fill but comes with many visible differences. Still, it is essential to know about the differences to maximize the use and output of pick Aaron and hook Aaron. 

The main difference between a pickaroons and a hook room is the shape of the pickaroon head and spike as it is sharper in hook aroon, so it is hard for wood to slip off. 

Let's look at more differences between hook aroon and pickaroon. 

What is Pickaroon

Pick aroon is a tool used in woodworking that is used in dragging, stacking and rearranging wood, as it is greatly used in cutting and unloading wood logs. It saves time, makes highly useful for hard workers, and rearranges the wooden logs.


In pick aroon, the main challenge is that wood can slip off the spike, especially when the spike is straight and not curved at all. If the wood you are dealing with is lightweight, you will not face this issue too much. While for heavy wood, you will need to add a lot of pressure and force while driving the spike into the log. 


The shape of a Pickaroon is very similar to a hammer or axe as it is generally a wooden cutting, tool with a handle with a steelhead. The wooden handle is long enough to offer great grip and length while working with any wood. The head of the Pickaroon is somewhat different from the hammer and an axe because it comes with a protruding spike and wedge. 

Moreover, a spike is dug into the wood so you can easily move it around and remove it without using your hand. Pickaroon is featured with slightly bent or straight spikes. Husqvarna pickaroon, fiskar Pickaroon and antique Pickaroon are the best example of this category. 

Best for

Since Pickaroon have many troubles keeping the wood right on spikes, it is used for grazing, lifting, stacking, and rearranging smaller pieces of wood. When dealing with light wood, you do not have to put a lot of force and pressure on your muscles while driving a tool in a wood log because there is more chance of falling off.


- Minimizes the pressure of how many times you bend over

- Great for moving pieces of wood

- Spike will not get stuck into the log


- It needs more force to use

- Larger logs may fall off a spike

What is Hookaroon

In many features, Hookaroon is very much similar to a Pickaroon. It would be beneficial because hook Aroon is similar to Pickaroon in many ways. Like a Pickaroon, it is also used in rearranging, splitting, and moving pieces of wood. 

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The most important challenge of the hookaroon is that the spikes can accidentally get stuck into the piece of wood most of the time. If you exert too much force while playing the tool into the log, getting the spike stuck incredibly can be very easy. 


The main difference between the hookaroon and pickarron is the shape of the head because, in the Pickaroon, the shape is a bit curved or straight at the end of the head. But in a hook room, there is a hook-shaped spike on its head. It means that the spike of the hookaroon is bent inwards; that is why it is known as a hookaroon. 

The hook shape of the head in hookaroon is very helpful because it minimizes the wood slipping while cutting. The hook ensures that the spike digs into the wooden surface at a certain angle, so there is no chance of slipping or wiggling, even if the log is slightly heavy. 

The handle of both tools is the same in size and shape. 

Best for

In addition to the advantages of Pickaroon, hibkaroon also comes with many benefits, like it is the best tool used for heavy objects. In addition, there is less risk of getting your spikes stuck unnecessarily. So it can be used when you fear the wood falling off the spike.


- Minimizes how many times you bend over

- Ideal for moving huge pieces of wood

- Hooke spikes are best to prevent the log from falling off


- Spike can get caught in a log

- Offer too much traction for smaller pieces of wood

Factors to Consider in Buying Pickaroon and Hookaroon

Handle material

Most models of hookaroon and Pickaroon are made with wooden handles because of their lightweight and affordable options. However, wood can be different because it can go into damage due to moisture and wet conditions. 

So if you live in the best area, you can also opt for a light but metal option that can be more durable with heavy weight and expensive. 

Handle length

A Pickaroon or hookaroon minimizes the number pof times you bend down to touch the logs. So, for this reason, you should opt for long handles to maximize the tool's efficiency. 

On the other hand, if the handle is too short, you must still bend over or move or rearrange the wood. This can result in lessening the strain on the back and other issues. If the handle is too long, it will be hard to maneuver around, so it is best to select the handle length based on your own height. 

Durability of spike

On both tools, a spike is usually the star in features. You should ensure the spike is long-lasting and highly durable to do your tasks well. If your spike breaks in the middle of the game, it would be totally useless. 


What does a picaroon do?

Picaroon is a tool used in woodworking to rearrange, cut, and do such tasks for wooden logs.

What is a pickaroon tool?

It is a tool with a wooden handle or any other material made that originated from Alpine Region, where it is known as Sappie. 


So to conclude, Pikaroon, it would not be wrong to say that it is an essential tool to move and rearrange wooden logs without bending down on most woodworking sites. You can use a Pickaroon to move lightweight and small pieces of wood because it is the most powerful without being stuck into the logs. 

In contrast, you also use hookaroon to move bigger pieces of wood because it ensures that wood will not fall off. 

No matter what you opt for the tool, ensure safety precautions while using them. They can be dangerous in many ways, and you can get injuries in most cases. A wide variety of tools are available in the market according to your choice and need.  

You can buy your desired tools related to wood works from platforms like Amazon, where many models of Pickaroon for sale are offered.

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