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DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer - Medium Brown

27 Jul 2021 By Admin .

DermMatch concealer works better and looks better, stays on better, applies neater and costs less to use comparing to other products. In some cases one package of DermMatch can last even up to one year. No other product in the world can make your hair look this thick and full. DermMatch outperforms hair fibers, sprays and all other hair loss concealers. With DermMatch you can dive in a pool or sweat at the gym. It will stay on no matter what. You can't even dream to do this with other hair fiber products or sprays, plus they don't give you any control when applying. DermMatch is one of a kind hair loss concealer you will not be disappointed with. 100% Guaranteed.

DermMatch concealer works for men and women of any age, hair color, and skin color or hair style. You can even apply it dry for shaved heads, bald heads, beards, eye brows, hairlines or grey roots. It also softens and moisturizes your skin. The DermMatch formula is loaded with botanical and natural ingredients.
Botanical ingredients in DermMatch coat the entire hair shaft and thin hairs thicken, stand up and spread out for spectacular fullness. DermMatch can be applied dry to bald or shaved heads for natural shading. Eight colors of ultrafine powders in DermMatch blend right in with your skin and leave your hair looking thick, smooth and natural.


  • Available in 8 different colors

  • Instant thickening effect

  • Works for men and women

  • Can be used on any hair/skin color

  • Creates natural hairlines, temples, eyebrows and beards

  • 3x EZGrip, EZReach included in purchase

  • Gives you perfect control at your fingertips

  • Lasts about 8 months average


DermMatch is a solid. It lasts a very long time. The average reorder time across all customers is 8 months. Hair fibers come in a jar full of air. Spray concealers come in a can full of propellant. One solid disc of DermMatch lasts much longer and costs you less to use.

Only DermMatch gives you EZGrip, EZReach applicators. They make application quick, clean and precise. You can create natural hairlines, temples, eyebrows and beards. Hair fibers rain down uncontrollably from a jar. Sprays make colored clouds in your home. Hair fibers and sprays don't give you any control. DermMatch gives you perfect control at your fingertips.

Buy DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer.

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