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What are the best choices among Camera Lenses for Vlogging and Professional Photography?

09 Jun 2022 By Admin .

Who doesn’t know about Vlogging? It is the most common thing to do in the world of Social Media. You need a good camera, some editing skills and you can become a famous Vlogger with that. It is a must to have a good camera lens for making a hit Vlog.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the term used for making videos that are not too long in size. People choose different themes for Vlogging such as makeup, dresses, shopping, events and what not.

It is also a very effective way to connect to your audience. Most Vloggers are famous for their pep talk and entertaining content.

The most important thing in producing a Vlog is a good camera having a good and suitable camera lens.

What is Professional Photography?

Professional photography includes covering events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events etc. Professional Photography also includes taking pictures and videos for magazines, their digital pages and e-magazines.

What are Camera Lenses?

Camera lenses are detachable lenses that are used by photographers according to their theme of photography or videography. Camera lenses by Sony, Canon, Nikon and other brands, all follow the same rules. They all have different kinds of camera lenses for different purposes.

Types of Camera Lenses:

There are a number of camera lenses use for different cameras. Some camera lenses are used for digital camera such as DSLR. Some people use camera lenses over their cell phone cameras to get a better result.

We will discuss some type of Camera Lenses below:

Fish-eye Lens:

Fish eye lenses are used to capture wide angles approx. Up to 180 degrees. These lenses are used for videography. Fish eye lenses have been made for MP4 and APS cameras, mostly for filming. Sigma 4.5 mm. a 5.6 mm by Sunex are used in a 1.5x Nikon and 1.6x Canon DSLR cameras to capture around 185°.

It is a suitable lens for Vlogging and Filming.

Zoom Lens:

A Zoom lens is used in digital cameras to allow to use different focal lengths without changing the lens. It enables the photographer to focus on different objects on various distance by zooming in and out. Zoom Lens is mainly used in DSLR Cameras of different brands such as Nikon and Canon.

Zoom Lens is also perfect for making Vlogs, films and covering candid shots.

Telephoto Lens:

A telephoto Lens allows the photographer to capture a higher focal length than it’s physical length. This camera lens is used with leading brands’ DSLR AND SLR.

A telephoto lens is best for taking pictures from a distance.

Wide-Angle Lens:

A Wide-Angle Lens has focal length of 35mm or even less. It allows the photographer to capture wide angles. It is an essential lens in every photographer’s kit.

This lens is perfect to capture landscapes, sceneries, group photos etc.

Buy Camera Lenses Smartly:

If you have a love for photography or Vlogging and you want your passion to nourish, then it’s better to buy a Camera Sense Kit instead of individual Cameras.

We will discuss a very useful Kit under this thread:

  • APEXEL Set: 4-in-1 18x Telephoto Wide Angle Fisheye and Macro Clip on Mobile Lens + Desktop Tripod Stand.


  • 18x Telephoto Lens

  • 198° fish-eye lens

  • 0.63X wide angle lens

  • 15X macro lens

  • 2pcs lens clips

  • remote shutter

  • Desktop Tripod

  • phone holder

  • cleaning cloth

  • waterproof cloth pouch.

Product Details:

This product enables you to attach the variety of lenses to your cell phone camera to produce better results. The lenses are made up of good quality and are easy to carry. The clips ensure safe attachment. The tripod stand enables you to shoot at a steady angle.

Shop the best Camera Lenses for your Vlogging and Photography experience.

Best Place to Buy Used Cameras Online

There are many online stores that sell cameras. Some of them are listed below:

Where To Buy Used and Cheap Camera Lenses?

To buy used camera and camera lenses online in USA, your best options are:

Winding Up

Cameras are lifelong investments. It’s better to research about your requirements and suitable appliances in your affordability.

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