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Internet A Source Of Entertainment

06 Jun 2021 By Zoe .

Internet and its use in daily life

Internet has become a part of our lives these days. Almost every house has internet. Internet is basically an invention of a modern technology.

Internet is useful in several ways. We can communicate by sending small and big messages in an instant with the help of internet. Internet is used in learning, teaching, researching for different purposes, e-mailing someone and sharing your creativity to the world as well.

The use of internet in schools, colleges, offices have eased the burden on the staff. They can easily gather information through the internet nowadays, which saves time.

Internet has become more user-friendly and interactive these days after going through several developments.

Internet if used for good purposes can benefit you in several ways, however if used with bad intentions, then you’re making it harmful for your own self and for others as well.

Advantages of Internet

Internet has helped us in reducing the use of countless papers by computerizing the schools, offices and colleges and other companies and industries. Internet is also a very helpful source of knowledge and education. It keeps us updated on our daily lives and the changes taking place in the world. It keeps us in touch on our surrounding and what’s going on with our countries and cities. It helps us save a lot of time as well. Internet has made it easier for us to read books and novels without physically buying them. It provides us with the best information which makes our presentation look more professional. Online classes and video calls have made teaching and business easier. Internet is also used for online shopping where you can sit comfortably at your home and order your desired items, without going outside. It helps us keep in touch with others through texts, e-mails, chats, video calls and several other ways.

Disadvantages of Internet

Apart from this, it also has a few disadvantages if you use it in a inappropriate way.

Long usage of internet affects the eyes, posture and overall health. It is also sometimes a waste of time when people just browse for fun and non-productive work without realizing that they are wasting their time. It leaves us with less quality time with friends and family. Various crimes have also increased because of internet, such as hacking to steal someone else data or harm others.

What is best for us than?

Conclusively, internet has both benefits and problems. However, it depends on the user that how he is using it and how much time he is spending on the internet. As mentioned earlier, if used in a good way, internet can be very useful for us but if we continuously used for a long time and make bad use of it, then it will obviously be harmful for us.

So, we should try to use internet for a specific time so that we can spend our time doing other activities as well. That way our lives will be much simpler, healthier and more beneficial.



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