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Art is the key to Entertainment

06 Jun 2021 By Zoe .

What does the word Art mean?

Art is an expression to express your feelings and emotions. Art is the source to entertainment. Art shows how creative a person can get. It is the perfect way to make your life interesting. Everyone makes art in their own way which makes it unique and different from others. In this way we can find out about the person and his creative mind.

A person who creates art is known as an Artist. Art teaches us that there are many ways to solve a problem. It teaches us how we are different from others and it teaches us that everyone is born with a unique capability.

Art is not only painting or drawing in fact, art is the name of anything that you create by yourself, it can even be a working object. Art teaches us that we don’t have to be perfect, it teaches us that we can move on and do great things in the future. Anyone can become an artist. Art increases social-development and the urge to move on.

Types of Arts

There are different kinds of arts, some of them are; painting, literature and architecture.

Painting: It is an artwork on any kind of image, made using paints or water colors on a paper or canvas. Painting is a great source for releasing stress. It increases creativity and solves your problems by promoting your problem-solving skills. It also raises your emotional growth.

Literature: It is an art in a written form. It can be a poem or a story. It can be used in showing the purpose of life in a form of story. The one who writes stories is known as a writer. A person who writes poetry is known as a poet. Both of them are great source of entertainment to the reader as well as the writer. It can tell what the writer’s nature and thoughts are. A writer can get famous in other countries including his own country and can bring fame to his country. The stories of that writer will be read even after his death. His work will remain alive even after his own death.

Architecture: It is the art of building and designing houses. It shows how capable a person is. It enhances his skills and promotes your self-confidence and art skills.

Conclusively, art is created by imagination and is a great source of expressing your ideas to others and sharing your skills with the world. It can bring inspiration to others and you yourself can get inspired by something and create your own art by that inspiration.

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