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Philips Hue’s four-pack of white ambiance smart bulbs

20 Jan 2022 By Admin .

If you’re looking to light up your home with smart home tech for less, Philips Hue is selling an E26 starter kit containing four white ambiance smart bulbs and a Hue Bridge for just $59.99 instead of $119.99, which is an all-time low. These steep discounts come well after Philips Hue launched new 1,100 lumen smart bulbs, which means it’s likely offering this steep discount on the 800-lumen bulbs looped into this deal until they’re sold out for good.

A 50% off on Philips Hue’s four-pack of white ambiance smart bulbs

These popular smart bulbs can be customized with adjustable smart timers, and they allow you to set different hues of white light, with a warmer color temperature to help you relax, or a brighter, cleaner color temp to help you focus. You can also pair the bulbs with your existing setup via the Bridge, which uses the Zigbee protocol, thus allowing you to control it all with the most popular smart home ecosystems, including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. The included Bridge allows you to set lighting routines, control varied scenes, and connect up to 50 lights.

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